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Man Hit Back At Banky W, Waje***Says I Am Not A Pedophile




Onyema Chiwete one of the discussant on a television program that tagged a 5-year-old girl as a sexual being has reacted to criticisms now trailing him.

Calling out the duo of Banky W and Wake, Chiwete who is a TV host and actor refuted claims that he is a pedophile.


Onyema Chiwete

Calling out Banky W and Wake for hastily making conclusion about their positions on the topic, Chiwete said the discussion was a scripted show with two sides to a topic.

Emphasizing the importance for kids to be protected from sick pedophiles, he revealed that he would have expected Banky W and Wake to investigate the programme before rushing to conclusion.


What he wrote:

” I am not a pedophile. I was only giving my opinion on a scripted TV show where you have two sides of a topic to draw attention and interest of viewers. I believe our kids should be protected from this sick pedophiles while we find a way to heal them. I expected that the likes of @bankywellington and @officialwajeshould have investigated on the story and not take sides so quickly knowing how influential they are. That’s what true leaders do. Thank you” he wrote on IG

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