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The apprehension created within the six local government areas of Okigwe zone, over who will best represent the interest of the people of the zone in the upper legislative chambers of the National Assembly, was yesterday dowsed by the Candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Rt. Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu, who urged the people of the area to freely vote for the most qualified candidate with the track record of positive achievements, to guarantee the sustenance of the legacies of Dee Sam Mbakwe.

According to him, ‘’this is not a time to vote out of primordial  sentiments or party interest, because the development and advancement of our peoples well-being weighs far beyond my personal interest or Chief Achonu’s interest, as well as, the interest of the People’s Democratic party and that of the All Progressive Congress.’’

Addressing a gathering of some leaders of the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, People’s Democratic Party PDP, and many other political parties drawn from the six local government councils of Okigwe zone, who paid him an unscheduled visit recently in his country home, Umuihi, Ihitte-Uboma local government area,  Uwajumogu  said,  Okigwe Senate election was no longer a political party affair but an all-party affair, for zonal rebirth, assuring that if he wins,  he was going to  sustain the visions and legacies of Dee Sam Mbakwe, as well as, carry along all indigenes of the area in his programs.

While stressing that the spirit of Dee Sam Mbakwe and other founding fathers of the zone would not rest if the zone fails to utilize a God given opportunity to address its various developmental and economic challenges, Uwajumogu urged other contestants with him to bury their hatchets and join him and other progressives to build a new Okigwe zone where the collective well-being of the people will be considered before personal or political party interest.

He said; ‘’ I urge every candidate in the Okigwe rerun election to bury their hatchet in the interest of the people and do the right thing. Because if we refuse to do the right thing by voting in the most experienced candidate with the political party advantage to bring the federal government closer to our people, then our zone is doomed. The senate flourishes on experience and party affiliation, so, if we send an inexperienced representative at this time that we have a clear chance of making a positive enroll in the senate, we have lost the chance of taking advantage of the opportunity before us to sustain the legacies of our founding fathers and make our zone great again’’.  

‘’This make or mar situation that the zone has found itself today, further re-emphasizes the importance and significance of the yet to be rescheduled Okigwe senate election, as well as, the huge potentials and opportunities available to Ndi Okigwe zone, if the right candidate emerges, in order to address their numerous developmental, infrastructural and employment challenges that has for a long time become a source of worry to every patriotic son or daughter of the zone, it is best for the zone’’.

‘’ As a former Speaker of the state Assembly for four uninterrupted years, I paid my dues and acquainted myself with the processes and rudiments of lawmaking that I can be addressed as a ranking lawmaker in any legislative chamber in Nigeria. I generated employment and empowered over nine hundred indigenes of Okigwe zone. I donated transformers, built roads, boreholes and hospitals with my personal resources. I attracted three higher institutions to our zone which did not also stop me from fulfilling my social obligation of awarding scholarships, organizing free medical and empowerment programs for Okigwe indigenes. I attracted roads, new schools, hospitals, markets, new cities. I even donated my father’s house for the take-off of the college of education and many more’’.  

Uwajumogu, who described himself as the best qualified for the Okigwe senate job, said he would have comfortably stepped down for any candidate who could match him in terms of experience, passion for development of the zone and its people’s welfare and in achievements.

‘’I am known at the highest level of governance in this country and of the party also, I am the best qualified candidate.’’ he said.

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