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Kwara State Governor’s Aide Taju Alabi Fingered In Yet Another Rape Scandal




Allegations of multiple rape is currently trailing Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed’s aide Taju Alabi, who is the Special Assistant to the Governor on Security Matters.

Competent sources within the seat of power in the state revealed that on at least two occasions, Taju Alabi, a native of Offa, has been implicated in the notorious act.

“This man has turned himself into a nightmare. Instead of providing adequate security and mapping out plans to protect innocent citizens in the state, his activities have become a source of worry and serious threat in the state.

“I cannot confirm if the Governor is aware of what is going on in respect of at least two clean cases of rape which this man has used his position to circumvent.

“The good news however is that the Governor has decided to reconstitute his team. We would be surprised if he makes it back to his seat as a Special Assistants,” said a source

Our source revealed that the first case of rape recorded against Taju Alabi involved a young innocent reporter who was lured into a hotel under the guise of giving out a scoop.

The female reporter with a radio station was said to have been invited to the hotel and told to wait in a room for the man. Instead of Taju to give the scoop when he entered into the room, he reportedly went for the frail looking reporter, threw her on the bed and did the most unimaginable with her. After satisfying himself, he led the weeping lady out of the room and warned her of the consequences of telling; saying what happened was between two consenting adults.

A report was allegedly made at a police station, but Taju, who is said to be married to a police officer in the state, reportedly used his office and position to “settle the matter amicably.”

Our investigation also revealed that same students of Kwara State Polytechnic have also fallen victims of this act, but are unable to do anything.

Taju Alabi was appointed a Special Assistant on Security Matters by the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed less than a year ago, and he has since become one of the most trusted aides of the Governor.

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