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Juliet Ibrahim Foundation Partners With ‘Education As A Vaccine’ To Assist Survivors Of The Flood In Benue State



IDPs Camp
Juliet Ibrahim, actress and philanthropist has announced her commitment to assist the survivors of the devastating flood in Benue state in partnership with Education as a Vaccine (EVA).

She made this known during visits this past weekend to the IDP Camp at the International Market and Akor, one of the communities that were flooded.

During her visit, she met with SEMA’s Camp Commandant of the Camp for the Internally Displaced Persons, Makurdi, James Iorhuna. She shared that the visit came as a need to meet those affected by the flood and find out what her foundation, Juliet Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with EVA can do to support the survivors.

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“I’ve once lived as a refugee and I have experienced a flood on a movie set in Ghana, so I know how people struggle to survive during this period. Lives have been lost and many families have lost everything. Things are not the same for them again”, said actress Juliet.

Appreciating the actress for her efforts and visit, James also commended the efforts of the government at all levels, civil society organisations and individuals who are contributing and working tirelessly to help cushion the effect of the flood on the affected people.

The Camp commandant explained the situations in the IDPs Camp and called on all well-meaning people to contribute to ensure the interventions are sustained through the provision of “food, safety boots, sanitary pads, mobile toilets, medical facilities and other basic needs”.

In response, Juliet Ibrahim promised to contribute her quota to return smiles to the distressed people.  “With the information I have gathered from victims of the flood and village chiefs, I will be back soon with relief materials to cushion the damage this unforeseen circumstance has caused the people.”

To ensure those who are still in their communities are not forgotten, Juliet paid a visit to Akor village where the chief revealed to the actress alongside EVA’s team that the immediate needs of the community were “food and shelter.” “With the support of cements and zinc, we will be able rebuild our houses and live a normal life”, he added.

“With the magnitude of this disaster, we cannot leave you alone, we are coming back to assist you”, Juliet said.  She also noted the impact on the women and girls in the camp and communities, many were traveling for over an hour to find clean water and did not have access to sanitary pads and other needs.

The Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is ready to work with Education as a Vaccine, an organization with over 14 years of experience working in communities in Benue to help those in the camp and community rebuild their lives.

About Juliet Ibrahim Foundation 

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on creating awareness on kidney cancer, kidney related diseases, malaria, HIV AIDS, Ebola and other diseases and providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana, Nigeria and Africa at large.

For further information on the activities of the foundation, log on to or contact

About Education as a Vaccine
Education as a Vaccine is a non-profit organization created in 2000 to improve the health and development of children and young people.  EVA envisions a Nigeria where children and young people reach their full potentials and work to build and implement innovative and sustainable mechanism for improved quality of life for vulnerable children and young people. 

For further information, contact Education as a Vaccine via

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