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It’s Her Life If My Daughter Wants To Be A Stripper-Timaya




In the music industry, Timaya, is known as an unpredictable singer.

However, very few would think that the man would be this indifferent to what his child becomes.

Speaking during an interview, Timaya, revealed that he care less about what his daughter becomes, as long as she is happy and he tell her what is good and what is bad.

Asked if he would allow his kid ‘Emma’ go into music if she decides to in the future, he said he would allow her as long as it makes her happy, but his duty as a parent is to tell her what is good and bad.

His words: “If today (my daughter) tells me, ‘daddy I want to be a stripper’, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.”


Timaya with his daughters Emma and Gracy

The statement by the singer has been raising eyebrows since it hit social media.

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