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Is There A Way That A Man Can Respectfully Have A Side Chic, Morayo Afolabi-Brown Ask



Side chic issue is very topical among Nigerian women.

For a lot of women, men are born to be polygamist, hence they always cheat with a side chic.

However, TV anchor, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, is now asking if it is possible for a man to respectfully have a side chic.

This was discussed  during her talk show titled “Your Views” .

While the TV anchor and her panelists discussed the effects of sugar daddies and side chics on married women and how women can deal with cheating spouses, Afolabi-Brown simply popped out the question.

”Is there a way a man can respectfully have a side chic. Let me explain. I know a man who said Morayo, I cheta on my wife but I do it respectfully.I don’t put it in her face. My wife lives in Canada. When I am home in Canada, I am 100  percent with her, the children, I pay the bills.

“When I come to Nigeria, when I go to the UK, US, I have my girls over there I call and we do our thing and I clean it up nicely.It is neat. My wife cannot look at my phone and see anything. There is a way we do it.

“In that way, because he has respect for his wife and he cherishes what they have together, he is being decent about it”


One of the anchors on the show, Mariam Longe, also asked

”Is there a way of normalizing the conversation of accepting a side chic and still living in the marriage without being depressed?”

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