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Introducing Squad: The Complete Payments Solution for your Business




Payments: They are the core of every business. And so, in an era where digital has won over brick and mortar, it became imperative to create requisite payment solutions that can offer businesses of today speed, reliability, and convenience, so that they never miss a sale.

Meet Squad: an all-in-one payments tool to help your business grow.

Driven by our in-depth knowledge of digital payments in Africa and the collective years of expertise of our Parent Company, GTCO, in the payments landscape, we are proud to launch Squad, a framework of payment solutions to enable merchants to make and receive payments from anywhere in the world. At Squad, our vision and mission are rooted in empowering African merchants through payments — to create an Africa where every payment is digital.

What is Squad?

Squad is a complete payments solution for businesses in Africa, made to support business owners with the tools required to thrive in the digital economy. The goal is to ensure that businesses never miss a sale and grow and expand beyond their current reach.

Squad was created to transform payment processing, accounting and reconciliation, financial management and e-commerce. Think of it as an integrated suite of payment technologies that merge different facets of your business into one centralized function!

Why Squad?

· Complete payments solution: With Squad, you get all the tools you need to receive, track, and manage payments for your business. From the convenience of just one dashboard, you can accumulate and reconcile all your transactions, receive instant settlements, and set up an e-commerce storefront where your products and services are visible to your customers.

Squad also offers an innovative soft POS feature called SquadPOS, which allows you to turn your mobile phone into a personal point-of-sale terminal to evolve and speed up your customers’ payment experiences in-store. With this tool, you can reduce hardware costs and customer wait times with the perfect contactless payment solution through any Android device that suits your needs.

· Super easy to use: With our seamless interface, you can set up quickly and start accepting payments in 15 minutes. Squad’s APIs are uncomplicated to integrate into your website and are currently optimizable with WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Drupal.

· Affordable, yet best-in-class: We keep fees at the minimum and are honest about our pricing. Set-up costs are free, with the fees per transaction capped at N1,500 irrespective of the value. Local transactions via payment links attract a 1% charge only, and international transactions, 3.5% — some of the lowest rates in the market today. By reducing our prices, we trust that businesses can allocate more of their finances towards other facets of their operations.

· Keeps your funds secure: We are deeply committed to safeguarding the funds of our customers from malicious actors, and we achieve this through the activation layers of security measures such as KYC verification, real-time monitoring, and advanced data privacy tools.

· Offers your customers a choice: With payments today, it is safe to say that one size does not fit all. Customers now have more ways to pay than ever before. With an all-in-one payment solution like Squad, your business is well-positioned to offer customers the right payment mix that suits their various needs and preferences. In so doing, you elevate your customers’ payment experience and prevent them from moving to a competitor that offers flexibility.

· Never miss a sale ever again: That’s right! From our e-commerce storefront feature to accessible payment links, virtual accounts, USSD, and SquadPOS — every product under our suite was created to ensure that you meet your customers’ payment needs at every channel — online, in-store, anytime and anywhere.

Get to know about our different products:

· Payment links

· SquadPOS


· E-commerce

· Virtual Accounts


Ready to get started with Squad?

Say less! Visit our website at to create a free account. Fill in your details and get started immediately. You do not need to be a registered business to sign up or receive payments.

Interested in finding out more about these products? Contact us via email — at and stay glued to @OfficialSquadCo on all platforms for more information.


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