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Insurgency: Gombe Resident Shower Praises On President Buhari




President Muhammadu Buhari has been praised for the flushing out of Boko Haram terrorists and other violent groups from Gombe State.

Alhaji Ali Goje, a resident of the state said the feat was achieved through the sustained efforts and commitment of President Buhari’s administration.

Speaking with some journalists on Monday, August 17, Goje said the present administration’s aim is to secure Nigeria’s territory against any form of terrorist attack.

According to him, Gombe State has benefitted immensely from the President Buhari administration in the area of security.

Recalling what Gombe went through in the past, Goje said before President Buhari’s assumption into office, the security situation in the state was bad. He said Gombe state was considered as one of the sleeper cells of Boko Haram because the terrorists kept their reserve fighters who many times unleashed violence on the people of the state.

In addition to the terrorists who were threatening the peace and security of the state, Goje said that there was a whole clan of political thugs being raised in the name of Yan Kalare and Sara Suka. He said the political thugs at that time were equally tormenting the people of the state and made life so unbearable for them.

Goje said President Buhari’s assumption into office turned the security situation in Gombe around. He also said that the combination of these violent groups enthroned a regime of violence in Gombe which made life unbearable for the common man in the state.

“People were afraid to go about their normal business because of the activities of terrorists who had gradually crept into the state and were manifesting in many forms,” Goje said.

Goje says he strongly believes that the coming of President Buhari has helped restore normalcy, peace, and tranquillity to the nooks and crannies of Gombe State.  He thanked President Buhari for restoring peace and security in Gombe saying it is something the people of the state cannot forget in a hurry.

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