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At last, Laide Bakare speaks on the real father of her son



Some months ago, Actress Laide Bakare was in the eye of the storm concerning the paternity of one of her children. The lady, who recently returned from America, speaks with our REPORTER, on the issue and more.


Traveling to America to put to bed, what else did you do there?
While I was in America, I shot some movies that Nigerians would be proud of. People who see the movies would be surprised that such could come out of Nigeria. Part of it was shot in America and I am back here
in Nigeria to shoot the concluding parts.

What are the titles of these movies?
The first one is titled Iron Lady, while the second is American Psycho. The projects are two, we hope to finish by next year. Hopefully, we should conclude  work on them by early January. We hope to take it around cinemas.
How does it feel to be a nursing mother again after sometime off?
Well, it feels great; I feel blessed and God has been doing a lot of positive things in my life. That is why I will always insist that people should always be good.

You have a new husband, how does it feel?
I am not new in the game. I give thanks to God that I now have what I desire in my life. In as much as I admire a female child, I adore a male child and when God blessed me with it, I was so happy. I now have a boy and a girl.
Has recent developments in your life changed anything about you?
I remain my humble self. I will always be myself and no one can know me more than myself.

Some months back, there were speculations about who was the real father of your son; why didn’t you come out to set the record straight?
I decided to keep quite on the issue because it was all blackmail and it is unlike me to join words with blackmailers. So I just decided to let it be. Life is a teacher, the more you live the more you learn. The event you talked about, also show the extent at which people could go to blackmail you. But being whom I am, I always believe in God and I know that if he is working. No matter how deadly you are, you can never question the work of God. If He has placed someone in a position, you can’t bring the person down. I don’t know the aims and objectives of my blackmailers, but I know they had promised themselves that they were going to bring me down at all cost. It is all part of life, if you are not relevant, nobody will talk about you.

You sound like you know the blackmailers, who are they?
I don’t know and I am not interested. What I am interested in is God. I have stayed with Him all my life and I have always been talking to God and He has been answering my prayers. I believe if God is working no man can stop Him.

Your marriage to your new husband was shrouded in secrecy, were you hiding it from your other husband?
Well, that is just me; I like my life to be as private as necessary. And if anybody thinks it’s a bad choice, that is their opinions. My opinion is that I am a film maker, an entertainer, a popular person who people know and I think that is where it should stop. I don’t believe in making my private business and life public.  I don’t celebrate failure. I so much cherish my family and I don’t want anything to shatter my home. My home should be my home, my private life should be private and not for public consumption. What
goes on in and around my life should be private.

Earlier, you inferred that you don’t celebrate failure, were you making reference to your failed marriage?
I just don’t celebrate failure. I believe that there are good and bad sides to life. It might be rough today, it will be good tomorrow. If you don’t have that kind of mindset, you will find things difficult. So, when something good happens in my life, I say yes things are happening well. But I don’t come out to announce it, except when it is something that people need to know about like my movies, date o  release or generally about my company.
What is the experience of a love rehashed like?
You can’t change me. I don’t talk about my marriage, my love and my home. I just don’t find it convenient. I’m in love; good. I am married. Yes, I have children and I thank God. I am contented and people who are not okay with my life can go to hell.

While the paternity drama was going on, your erstwhile husband, who you had a child with, called you several unprintable names, how did that make you feel?
I just had a baby, I am nursing him, I am full of joy, I am happy about who I am and I just never noticed anything. That is the simple truth.

What is the lesson you have learnt from that experience?
I have learnt nothing. It might seem somehow surprising, but I wasn’t bothered.

Would you describe your previous marriage as good radiance to bad rubbish?
I will never talk about my marriage. I won’t talk about it.

You are looking trim and cute, how did you lose your baby fat so fast?
I have the tendency of growing as slim as possible and as fat as I want to be. I follow the side which appeals to me more and right now it is looking trim and beautiful.

You have been listed as one of the celebrities for the One Million Man March against Drug Abuse, what is the objective of the walk?
We are sending a loud and clear message that Nigerian entertainers should kick against drug abuse. We are saying no to drug abuse and yes to good life. I am supporting my friend and colleague, Lamboginy on his very laudable project scheduled for November 2nd. I believe the good people of Nigeria will support this course and it will bring about a big change in the awareness level of drug abuse.

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