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How Saheed Osupa, Pasuma Resolved Five Year-old Dispute



Five Year-old

Like in politics, in the Fuji music world, there are no permanent friends.

There are however affiliation, and this is what has seen some group of artists pitching tents against each other.

This was what also gave birth to an age-long crisis between Pasuma and Saheed Osupa that is now five year-old

Five Year-old

Pasuma, Saheed Osupa and Malaika during the event

For the past five yet, the duo have been at loggerheads attacking each other verbally and via their music.

For their fans, it has been a different story all together, as a supremacy battle reign between them.

All of these was however put to rest recently when the duo of Saheed Osupa and Pasuma met at the recently held Malaika Alayeluwa fans club Ramadan lecture and prayer that took place at Batola Car Park, Marina, Lagos Island.

Popular for the lecture, Malaika who is also popular as Ks1-Malaika engineered a reunion between the feuding musicians.

With a special focus on the duo, the officiating minister, Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello blamed fans of the musicians for their dues, stressing that Pasuma and Osupa fans had caused lots of damages in the hearts of the two fuji artistes which made them not to be in good terms.

“This is very sad as muslims. We have been waiting for this opportunity to come. Pasuma and Osupa have to settle their long time fight. This is month of Ramadan. We have to forgive ourselves. That is what Quran preaches. We have to imbibe the philosophy of forgiveness at this event if truly we are good muslims.

We implore Pasuma, Osupa to forgive each other. Only Allah forgives human. I appreciate Malaika’s effort who strived hard in order to bring these men to this function together. Togetherness is what Islam preaches. The religion preaches peace, love and care for one another”  The clergy man said.

Appreciating attendees of the prayer, Malaika urged them to take to the teachings of the day, saying: “I thank our guests who travelled from various states to attend Alayeluwa fans club Ramadan lecture and prayer. I urge everyone to unite more as the guest speaker had said during their lecture. This is the only way we can gain the kingdom of Allah.”

This is not the first time that efforts will be made to resolve the differences between the duo. However, with the fasting period considered sacred by Muslims, there are those who believe that the age long died might just have come to an end.




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