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Groups Map Out Solution To Insecurity In Nigeria



Boko Haram

The level of insecurity in Nigeria has seen representatives of ethnic groups, civil society organizations, and faith-based groups across the country meeting.

The meeting comprising of over 60 associations was facilitated by the chairman of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, (AYCF), Alhaji Yerima Shetima, and other human rights crusaders.

In a communiqué issued after the one-day summit, the group said they were alarmed by the general state of insecurity and incessant killings which have left several communities at the mercy of a murderous insurgency, marauding killers, bandits, and kidnappers.

It also said that it is disturbed by the mismanagement of the national economy already approaching a second recession and characterized by a disabling level of accrued and accruing debt profile.

The summit among other objectives seeks to facilitate consensus on the imperative of unified front towards reawakening the prospects of national security, unity as well as corporate and individual survival in a just and democratic country.

It also seeks to address the alarming spread of killings and general insecurity in Nigeria; to deliberate and demand for mass-oriented economic policies and prudent management as an alternative to the regime of worrisome debt profile in the midst of economic hardship.

The communique read in part: “The goals of the summit included the following: To facilitate the forging of a robust national platform for articulating a common voice on national issues.

“To review the alarming rise and spread of killings and general insecurity of lives and property in Nigeria. To underscore the failure of economic management policies characterized by a rising debt profile which has resulted in enormous hardship to vast segments of the Nigerian population.

“To assess the current war against corruption in the light of revelations of an embarrassing rise in the nation’s corruption perception index that involves undue executive interference and official coverup. To advise on how to check the deep divisions and distrust resulting from the unfair nature of governance and appointments to public offices and institutions.”

The summit also decried the huge population of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who are subjected to double jeopardy in poorly managed or neglected camps across the country.

According to the communique, the country now witnesses unprecedented incompetence in dealing with the regularity of killings and general insecurity despite the continued rise in annual defence budgets.

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