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Gisthouse Comes Out Of Beta Testing, Sets January Date Mega Launch



Ope Banwo


Africa foremost Afrocentric Platform, Gisthouse during the week comes out of beta testing. In a statement signed by the founder, Dr. Ope Banwo, Gisthouse Platform which he describes as a platform for interaction, ideas and commerce is now ready for use by many on app stores on both android and iOS.

The new audio-gisting social media Platform called ‘GistHouse’ is similar in concept to the Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Green Room Platforms in concept but packs about 10 different new features that most users of the first generation audio Platforms have been clamouring for.

Gisthouse allows people around the world to come together to talk, listen, and interact with each other in real-time. People, brands and businesses will also be able to do business on the Platform, get paid on the Platform, earn residual income and promote their products and services all in audio format. The Platform is ideal for Social media activists; businesses; all professionals; fun lovers; networkers; religious people etc

Dr Ope Banwo, the Visionary Founder and CEO, while speaking about the vision of the new entrant into the audio conversation social media space, said ‘GistHouse is the Afrocentric response to the growing global audio conversation industry. It is a Platform for the exchange of ideas; social intercourse and business networking in the context of the African experience. The GistHouse Platform not only builds upon the features already existing in first-generation audio Platforms like Clubhouse, Greenroom, and Twitter Spaces, it actually takes the game to another level that puts the users at the center of the ecosystem by enabling them to maximize their conversations, gamify their communities, make new friends, share their ideas to improve the world, improve business connections and monetize their experience.”

Speaking further, Dr. Ope Banwo reveals that the Platform which he describes as a platform is available worldwide for users and has gone through refining after feedback from users who throng Platform to download it.

When pressed on some of the unique features that separate the Gisthouse Platform from other competing apps like Clubhouse, twitter spaces or zoom, Dr Ope Banwo listed several features including, Instant Polling of your audience, Paid Rooms that allow you to get paid for sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience with the world, Room analytics that allows you to get extended details about your fun rooms or business rooms; extended video upgrade among others.

Set for a mega public launch in January, GistHouse is being enjoyed by many and conversations are going on partnership and collaborations with different organisations and events.

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