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Femi Otedola’s Love For His Girls



Femi Otedola

Most fathers are said to love their daughters more than their sons. With billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, this theory might just apply.

The love that Otedola has for his girls can’t be quantified. Since taking to social media, the man has been showing off his daughters.

This is not to say that the girls are his only scion, as he also has a son named Fewa.

However, the love between him Florence, Temi and Olawunmi is extraordinary. He showed the special love he had for his daughters recently when he spoilt one of them with an early graduation gift.

Temi who is set to graduate from school got a red Range Rover, as her graduation gift from her dotting father.

 Image result for otedola's daughter gets range rover

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