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Falz On New Song: ‘This Is Nigeria’ Is Achieving Its Purpose




Rapper, Falz, has revealed that his new song ‘This Is Nigeria’ has done its job of sensitizing Nigerians.

The artiste revealed that though he didn’t expect the song to go viral when he was making it, he thought that it was amazing that it did, as the purpose is being achieved.

Asked what was the purpose of ‘This Is Nigeria’; the rapper said it was to awaken everyone and he is happy that people are waking up.

Speaking on the motivation for the song, Falz said “We need to pulse and look at our political space and look at our social space and say come what is happening,” Falz said. He went on to say that “the terrible state of Nigeria has become so normalised that people don’t almost realise that it is irregular. The irregular has become so regularise now. People need to wake up. Fulani herdsmen killing is happening everyday and nothing is being done,” he added.

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