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Exclusive: Allegation of fraud trails former PMAN President, Tee Mac



The allegation presently trailing Tee Mac the erstwhile President of Performing Musician Association of Nigeria, (PMAN), is not a palatable one.
A source close to revealed how Tee Mac duped the music association when he was President years back.

According to our source, a land which had been given to the association during Tee Mac’s tenure was sold by the then President to a private individual.

The piece of land in question is located behind the National Stadium, Abuja and it is valued at several millions of naira.

A top official of the Ministry of Lands, Abuja who pleaded anonymity said corroborates the allegation against Tee Mac, as according to him there are documents to prove he sold who sold the land.

Tee Mac, is not new to controversies, as the manner with which he was heavily criticized years back when he was quoted saying a TB Joshua sticker was what saved his home from an inferno is still fresh.




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