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#EndSARS: Protests Shows Nigeria Is A Failed State, Jumu’ah Takes Swipe At Osinbajo



…Says your generation has failed us
A Human Rights Journalist and Dedicated fighter for Government Accountability & Justice, Jumu’ah Abiodun, took a swipe at Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, over his twitter comments on persistent #EndSARS protests across the country.
Osinbajo had two days ago tweeted: “Dear Nigerians, I know that many of you are angry, and understandably so. We could’ve moved faster and for this we are sorry. There are far too many people who have been brutalised at the hands of the police and this is unacceptable. We must take responsibility for protecting young people, even sometimes from those who are paid to protect them.”
The anti-corruption advocate’s comment came in his twitter response to Osinbajo on Monday.
The activist asserted that the Nigerian Government underestimated the #EndSARS movement. “You underestimated us, you think this movement won’t go beyond a day or two, now, we are in the second week, we are stronger than when we started,” Jumu’ah noted in his twitter message to Osinbajo.
He expressed further: “Sincerely Prof., I still don’t know why Nigeria politicians are not ashamed? I have never seen any of you who resigns from his or her position willingly after many corrupt cases or allegations.”
“Your Minister of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Senator Goodwill Akpabio still enjoying protection under your administration’s umbrella despite he was charged for N108b fraud. The EFCC is investigating allegations that the former governor, embezzled the fund during his tenure between 2007 and 2015. All things considered, you didn’t ask him to resign.”
“Regardless of all the public outcry on the public hearing on NDDC, we didn’t hear anything again from the federal government or the leadership of the National Assembly.” Owo ti wo owo?.”
“Former Minister of State for Transport (Aviation) now Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, was alleged to have siphon over N1.2 billion. Your minister was alleged to have designed just logo of failed Nigeria Air at almost N1 billion. You didn’t ask him to resign.
The public affairs analyst also stated that the continuous protests by the youths shown Nigeria is a failed state. “Thousands of youths graduate every year, no job. As a professor, you don’t need to be told that Nigeria is a failed state with this ongoing nationwide protests on police brutality.”
“I saw this coming, you refused to act on the letter I sent to you June 2020, where I asked you and President Muhammadu Buhari, to provide stimulus for tertiary institutions students or forgo current session tuition fee. You refused to listen.”
“If not for a failed state, Nigerian government by now ought to have ban Lebanon embassy in Nigeria, repeal licence of Middle East Airline. The country turned Nigerians into modern slavery. I have had one on one interactions with over twenty Nigerians who returned from Lebanon, they all explained the inhumane treatments of Nigerians by Lebanese”
“The reality of the current situation is, your generation has failed us not that you could not move faster as we expected. All of you flies in private jets or business class with Diplomatic Passports while the citizens suffer to get a visa to just South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya among other African countries.”
“Have you for any time do personal investigations on what those who hold normal Nigeria passport face at the point of entry of any Developed or Second World countries no talk of securing visa at their embassies in Nigeria?”
“Corruption in Nigeria’s leadership system has made it difficult for citizens to travel to their countries of choice freely. For countries whose governments knows what they are doing, visas issuance, either by sticker, e-visa or on arrival are reciprocal.”
The activist challenged the Vice President to point at any sector the Nigerian government has made progress since independence. “Prof. cheerful point at a single sector your generation has solved 100 per cent since the last sixty years? No progress has been made precisely in any sector, 24hrs power supply? Zero, good roads? Zero, refineries? Zero, health sector? Zero, education? Zero, housing? Zero, citizens’ welfare? Zero, national carrier? Zero, looting? Excellent.”
“All that’s working in Nigeria presently is corruption, looting and looting and more looting by political officeholders. The change must commence with you, sack all ministers, all political appointees who have cases with EFCC or ICPC.”
Reacting to the Vice President’s condolences to the family of Isiaq Jimoh who was killed in Ogbomosho during protests, Jumu’ah said: “If you did not watch today’s Sunrise Daily on Channels Television, instruct any of your aide to get you the clip. Raji Jimoh, father of slain Isiaq confirmed that the police allegedly killed three protesters in Ogbomosho yesterday.”
“Raji confirmed that Minister of Youth & Sports, Mr Sunday Dare, also witnessed the gunshots when he paid the family his condolences.”

Jumu’ah has previously been critical of President Muhammadu Buhari led administration in handling Petroleum Equalisation Fund (PEF), NDDC funds and the increment in fuel price and electricity hike.

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