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Drama: 200 Jeep Scandal Rocks Winners Chapel*** The role of Bishop David Oyedepo in the saga



Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

A drama is allegedly currently unfolding in Bishop David Oyedepo’s Winners Chapel.

A source close to revealed that it all has to do with about 200 jeeps estimated to cost about 2.1 Billion naira.

In January 2014, the Bishop had allegedly asked his members to sow a seed of 200 Prado Jeeps to the church, as it was meant for ministerial work. The seeds were allegedly sowed and months later a total of about 200 jeeps were said to have been spotted parked in a strategic position in Cannanland, Ogun State.

The trouble however is that months after the jeeps were delivered they are still been parked inside the church’s prayer ground known as Cannanland, hence raised eyebrows as to what is really happening.

The question on the lips of many is if the jeeps were actually for ministerial purposes they ought to have been dispatched to the individual pastors they were intended for.

-Additional report from Global News




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