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Faith Oyedepo Reflects On Almost Suffering A Miscarriage In Early Marriage




Faith Oyedepo, wife of Bishop David Oyedepo, has flashed back to when she was a young wife, sharing one of her many experiences.

Sharing an experience from when she first thought she was having a miscarriage, she revealed her husband’s response to the news.

According to her, when she was pregnant with their first child, she feared she had suffered a miscarriage and told her husband when he came from work.

She revealed that her husband boldly and without hesitation told her that she couldn’t suffer a miscarriage and asked her to served his meal.

Further, she added that the statement activated the spirit of faith and the pregnancy was sustained.

She tweeted: ‘I remember when I was pregnant with our first son, one day I saw blood flowing from me and when my husband returned home, I told him that I had a miscarriage. Boldly, and without any hesitation, he said, “You can’t have a miscarriage!”, and then asked to be served his meal.’

Her posted raised brows so she later added in a follow-up tweet: ‘That statement activated the spirit of faith and the pregnancy was sustained. You need to accelerate your operation of the spirit of faith daily, and then you will find the miraculous a daily occurrence for you.’


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