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Dr. Ope Banwo Advices Yorubas In Lagos



Ope Banwo

Revered international immigration lawyer and founder of Gist House, Dr. Ope Banwo has urged Yoruba people in Lagos State to stop selling their father’s inheritance and properties to go and spray Fuji Czar, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall in parties

Dr. Banwo stated this in a video while reacting to the Yoruba/Igbo impass that has become a major talking point in Lagos State since the last Presidential and National Assembly election.

In a video that is currently attracting attention, the Gistmaster at Gisthouse noted that it was wrong for Yoruba residents of Lagos State to sell their properties to Igbos and turn around to complain that they are taking over the state.

According to him, such a retarded action can only happen in Nigeria. You cant sell your property and come back to act as landlord, he noted.

In his words, “Nigeria is the only place I have seen where a landlord sells his father’s inheritance, sells his land, sells his property to go and spray Wasiu, and then he turns around expecting those who bought the property from him to continue to bow down to him as if he is still the landlord.

“If you don’t like Igbos taking over Lagos, stop selling your properties to them. You can not sell and except that the new buyers will continue to take instructions from you on how to behave on the land they just bought, or ask for your permission on what they have to do on the place they just bought, that is retarded..Stop selling your father”s inheritance to go and spray Wasiu,” he said.


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