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– Ex-Africa President Waves Good Bye to His People

– Serious Fire Outbreak Eminent


The Generational Prophet of God and the Senior Pastor Greater Liberation City Worldwide, Dr Chris Okafor, has sent a serious warning to the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Nasiru El-Rufai.

In a matter of urgency, the man of God asked the first citizen of Kaduna State to reverse the religion law that forbids any religious programs such as crusade and envagelism requiring the use of microphones after 8PM in Kaduna State either by Christians or Muslim.

The Oracle of God as he is fondly called said the law is specifically target at the Christians, and God in heaven will not sit down and allow his mandate diminished. Okafor warned the Kaduna state Governor that if he does not reverse the law within seven days he will see the wrath of God, advising him to listen to advise from above before it’s too late.

“The God we serve is not a dead God, he is alive, and alive to fight for himself, if El-rufai refuses to reverse or change the law, let him start to prepare for the wrath of God.”

It will be recalled that the Kaduna state Governor El-rufai sent a proposed religion law months ago to the Kaduna State House of Assembly for reading and ratification before passage as law.

The law forbids public organization of crusades or public preaching of the words of God, use of microphone for any religion programs and playing religion music inside the car, the penalty for offenders of the laws range from two to three years jail term or the option of fine between 200,000 and above.

Dr Chris Okafor lamented that the law can never stand because nobody can stop God work and the Holy Spirit movement to win more soul out of the kingdom to darkness to the kingdom of light, he remarked.

The man of God challenged Christians to rise up to the occasion by praying against any war raised agains the body of Christ.

In another prophesy given on 24th March, Okafor said very earlier in the day God revealed to him in a vision, he said he saw a famous former president of a country in Africa waving hand to his families and loved one, he said God reveals to redeem, but with proper prayer this calamity can be overturned, but he maintained that if the death of this former president will bring peace into that country, it is better for such leader to die.

Also the man of God said, God revealed to him a severe fire outbreak in a famous business arena like a market square or where serious business is taking place, he said he saw lots of business men and women in agony, he said the pains was too much on these people that some of them even die. He said prayer can overturned the revelation, if the person listens to warning and do the needful.

The harvest of babies’ 2019 conference begins on 27th-31st March 2019 at the international headquarters of Greater Liberation City, ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria

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