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DJ Cuppy Bashed Over New Song, “Charged Up”




DJ Cuppy released a new single yesterday to the consternation of music pundits.

Titled “Charged Up” the song like her last effort “Week” has sparked very little interest from music lover and party goers.

“Charged Up” which was released on Friday, November 9, has been described as a a song with a foreign sound.

Analyzing what is wrong with DJ Cuppy’s kind of music Hero Daniel said “she’s Experimenting beats from other parts of the world (werk had the London vibe and “charged up ” has the South African vibe) and imposing Naija lyrics on them which isn’t bad but so far hasn’t been accepted. Before you can do that, you need to have stayed and gained the trust of the very hard to please Nigerian audience. If it was Tiwa savage that sang the exact same lyrics. People would be feeling the vibe.”

DJ Cuppy has consistently dropped unfamiliar tunes leaving here struggling for acceptance in the music industry.

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