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COVID-19 Vaccines: Prioritise Healthcare, Bill Gates Tells Nigerian Government




Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, has stated that Nigeria does not need to spend too much on acquiring COVID-19 vaccines.

According to him, the country should rather focus more on revitalising the weak and underfunded health sector, especially the country’s primary health care centres.

Gates stated this while responding to a question during an interview with select African journalists on Tuesday, January 26.

Recall that Governor Yahaya Bello had earlier said that what Nigeria needs is a heavy investment in healthcare infrastructure instead of devoting billions of Naira to the procurement of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Gates said: “There is no doubt that the impact of putting money into the health system particularly the primary healthcare system will be very high in terms of saving children’s lives and you are absolutely right.

“Nigeria should not divert the very limited money that it has for health into trying to pay a high price for COVID vaccines.”




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