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COVID-19: UK Goes Into Third Lockdown



Boris Johnson

A third national lockdown has been ordered by the government of the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed the fresh lockdown order in a national address.

The lockdown begins immediately with citizens getting just 24 hours to prepare for the fresh restrictions.

The latest lockdown will last till March, according to reports in local newspaper reports of Monday, January 4.

Johnson hopes that the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine could provide a way out of the lockdown by mid-February.

He said the new lockdown was to prevent the UK’s health system from being overwhelmed due to the increase in infections caused by the new coronavirus variant in the country.

He said: “We now have a new variant of the virus. It has been both frustrating and alarming to see the speed with which the new variant is spreading.

“As I speak to you tonight, our hospitals are under more pressure from Covid than at any time since the start of the pandemic.”

Recall that no fewer than 45 countries had suspended flights from the United Kingdom (UK) as the nation experienced a surge in new COVID-19 cases.

A new strain of the virus moved swiftly across southern England and even Scotland closed its borders with the rest of the United Kingdom.


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