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Amnesty International, ICC Frustrating War Against Terrorism, Buhari Says




The Federal Government of Nigeria has identified the International Criminal Court (ICC) and Amnesty International (AI) as two organisation frustrating its war against terrorism.

This disclosure was made by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, on Monday, January 4.

Mohammed made the while addressing a press conference in Lagos, accusing the ICC and AI of demoralising Nigeria’s military by making themselves into a fighting force.

He noted that it is frustrating to the federal government to be fighting on several fronts besides the terrorists and bandits. The government will no longer take being used as pawns in the games being allegedly played by the international bodies, Mohammed warned.

“The Federal Government frowns at this unbridled attempt to demoralize our security men and women as they confront the onslaught from bandits and terrorists.

“Nigeria did not join the ICC so it can become a pawn on the court’s chessboard. It beggars belief to see that a nation that is fighting an existential war against bandits and terrorists is constantly being held down by an international body, which it willingly joined.”

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