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COSON Travail: Tony Okoroji Is Not A Gentleman – Ruggedman





Rapper, Rugedman, has joined the long list of individuals blaming Tony Okoroji for the current woes of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON)

Speaking during an interview, the artiste revealed that COSON is presently where it is because its chairman failed to adopt the gentlemanly way out of a crisis-ridden situation.

According to Ruggedman, “COSON has been suspended because the head of COSON refused to go when the board voted him out. When a board gives you a vote of no confidence, you step aside. That is the gentlemanly thing to do, you step aside. When your board wants to audit your account and you say no, it means that you have something to hide. The board didn’t want to push him out initially; they wanted to audit his account. If he didn’t have something to hide, he wouldn’t have stopped them from auditing the account,” Ruggedman said.

The COSON crisis took a new development when its operating license was suspended by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), leaving the society to seek redress in court.

Tony Okoroji

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