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Corporate Communication Czar, Ramon Nasir Turns A Year Older



Irrespective of the fact that fair-skinned Ramon Nasir still has a long road to cover in his life, there is no denying that he has come a long way.

Indeed, life has been good to the cerebral corporate communications afficionado who recently added a new year to his age.

In good health, all praise be to Allah, without mincing words, Nasir remains one of the  finest in his industry.

Physically gangling with a very unique smile, there is no taking anything away from the man when it comes to poise,  carriage and charisma. No doubt, Nasir is a good looking man with a creative and fairytale fashion sense.

He turned a year older and unlike the proverbial lizard which hardly leaves a trail where it crawls, Nasir’s special day came  with a lot of commendations and encomium from friends, collegues, family members and indeed associates.

Most appealing of them all was an exceptional message from Owen Diana Omogiafo, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Transnational Corporation of Nigeria, a diversified conglomerate with strategic investments in the Power, Hospitality and Oil and Gas sectors.

Owen wrote: “Happy birthday dearest Ramon Nasir! You have been a great friend and supporter. You are happy to light up other people’s path. God bless you real good.”

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