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Coronavirus: Last Cabin Row Will Serve As Isolation Space-Hadi Sirika




With local flights resuming, the federal government has announced new arrangements for travelers.

According to the arrangement, the last cabin row of aircraft would be designated as an isolation centre for air travellers that exhibit symptoms of coronavirus.

This much was revealed by the Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika on Monday, July 6, during the Presidential Task Force (PFT) briefing on COVID-19.

Sirika said this was part of the safety measures taken against coronavirus as the nation prepares for resumption of domestic flights.

According to him, cabin staffers have been trained to carry out necessary precautions and protocols in case of any emergency, adding that passengers would no longer be served refreshments to reduce the level of contact with cabin staff.

The minister also said governors, ministers, National Assembly members, military men and judiciary men will not be allowed into the terminal building with their aides who are not traveling.

“We are complying with international standards and many countries have resumed. In Africa, more than five countries have resumed domestic flight and around the world, about 100 countries have commenced domestic operations.

“We delayed in commencing in Nigeria because we wanted to get it right and we didn’t want to risk anybody’s life. We will allow the last row in the cabin of the aircraft free so that we can isolate just in case we see something that looks like symptoms within the cabin so that we don’t create panic.

“To maintain safe flight, civil aviation has ensured that the air within the cabin is filtered and circulated. “Once you are in the aircraft, if there is space, we will space it and if there is no space, we will sit normally. Because the wearing of masks and other protocols are all backed by science to ensure that we are safe, so also, our decision is backed by science and findings. “Risk of contamination is highly reduced when you are in the cabin. As the cabin air is coming down into the cabin, it washes from up, down to the bottom and we are mostly facing front while sitting,” Sarika said.

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