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Consistent Shine Of Folake Ani-Mumuney






Speak of a woman with a consistently impressive profile and Folake Ani- Mumuney springs up.


A solution provider, the woman has achieved and maintained this title for years.


Renowned for several exploits, her success story is one of indescribable and unparalleled amazement having played big on several fronts including being the first black woman in a top management position in British Airways and being a part of the team that took Dangote Group to a global height.


On the social side, Ani- Mumuney takes credit for organizing Madiba’s 90th birthday party in London from South Africa where she was based.


Currently the head of marketing and corporate communications at First Bank Plc, the precocious woman didn’t get to where she is today by chance.


An undergraduate of Philosophy at 15, she subsequently read Law at the University of Buckingham before adding up other courses such as Business Computing System Analysis and Design, which have added up to make her what she is today.


Presently, the first female President of the Advertisers Association of Nigeria, Ani- Mumuney’s shine has indeed been a consistent one.

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