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Buhari’s Second Term Will Be Worse Than His First — Primate Ayodele





Primate Elijah Ayodele, founder INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church is known for his on point prophesies. In the past, he prophesied that Joyce Banda would become the president of Malawi and it came to pass. He also told Ghana’s president Mahama that he won’t win his second term election and that also came to pass. In this interview with, he talks about the 2019 election, the chances of Atiku Abubakar emerging as a President and his book “Warnings To The Nation”, a compilation of his prophesies.


What inspired your book, Warnings To The Nation?

For me, I don’t have any inspiration. You can have inspiration to do something and at the end of the day you don’t get your desire and then you get discouraged. What is in this book titled: ‘Warnings To The Nation’ is amazing.

I say this because it comprises so many things that have been coming to pass such that I don’t need to talk to the media again till next year. The thing is as God directs. God has given me courage; the courage is from God and not from any human. So, 1994 till date is a long time.


In the past, you have been quoted saying that there are some men of God you respect, who are they?

I am talking of people that I will always give respect to, people I will duff my hat for. People like Primate Theophilus Olabayo, people like the late Apostle Gabriel Olusegun Ositelu, late Professor Okonzua. These are fantastic men of God who have been in the system even before us. Primate Olabayo has been in the system since the 70s, Ositelu followed him, and then Okonzua now came up.


Why is Nigeria in such a precarious situation despite the numerous ‘men of God’ we have?

It is because our leaders don’t listen. If a country like Nigeria listen to the warnings of God, Nigeria would have been better. Nigerian leaders have people who tell them what they want to hear. People, who tell them what they feel, people who don’t tell them the heart of God, but their heart. These are the people that the public respect so much. It is our responsibility to warn them whether they listen or not is their business. What I know is that I have delivered the message that God sent me.


Herdsmen killings is the biggest topic in Nigeria presently, is it something that will happen in other African countries?

What is happening in Nigeria now will happen in Ghana. There will be killings in Ghana. They too are going to have herdsmen killing, they are going to have explosive going off; they are going to have flood and other natural disaster in Ghana. The Ghanaian president must get it right otherwise he won’t get a second term in office. These are what God has revealed as prophesies. I said that Jonathan would lose his second term bid. It is on the Internet and I can give you specific dates of publication.



How does God prophesy to you?

I have been in fasting since December 1. When I break by January, I will wait another one week and begin another fasting for a hundred days. Consciously or unconsciously, God will tell me what and whom he wants me to speak to. So, it is either I pass through the necessary channel, which is this or I send the person a letter.


Earlier you said that once you deliver the message from God you are done, don’t you think you should ensure that your message is heeded?


I used the best channel to contact the person whom God has sent me to and that is the media. This is the best way because people are very gullible; they might think that you are doing it to make money. So, the best way is to respect yourself; send the message and leave the rest.


Would you say that your prophesy on President Muhammadu Buhari has been fulfilled?


In 2015, we said it that neither PDP nor APC can give Nigeria a better government. There is a record to that effect because the Internet doesn’t lie, it’s whatever you put there that you find. I said it in 2015 that Buhari’s second term will be dicey and I still stand on that. If Buhari wins the election in 2019, it means that the opposition party lacked a better candidate to contest. And his second term is going to be worse than his first term. If he finishes his second term, then God loves him so much because he will be confronted by so many forces, such including sickness.

The country will not move forward. His government is weak, it is being controlled by the cabal, and his men can’t go any further. I am not seeing anything coming out of Buhari’s government. Apart from saying it since 2015, a lot of people who have died, the blood of innocent people are crying and Buhari has not seen anything yet.


Can you explain that statement?

He should step down, if he contests for second term, it is either he dies, he loses his wife or something mysterious may happen that will teach him the lesson of his life.


Atiku Abubakar has been touted as a strong contender in the 2019 election, what has God revealed to you on this?

I am not seeing Atiku winning any election. Atiku needs a lot of prayers to be the president of Nigeria. A lot of things are going to happen. Let Atiku seek the face of God.


In your book Warnings To The Nation, you mention Senator Bukola Saraki and Rotimi Amaechi as future presidents of Nigeria, why is this?

The way you look at things might be different from the way I do. James Ingilari, the former Governor of Adamawa State, Bukola Saraki, Rotimi Amaechi, Babatunde Raji Fashola, these are the people who can make Nigeria better. These are the people God can use to make Nigeria better.


What kind of president will take Nigeria to the promise land?


We need a president who loves his people, who is a giver and the person I am seeing is Saraki. I don’t know him, I don’t like him, but when God says I should say this, I do it.

Can Saraki be the president of Nigeria?

Yes, he will be.

What year will that be?

When God tells me, I will let you know.


What are the criteria for choosing these men?

I don’t have any criteria. That is what I heard from the Lord.


The Nigerian economy has not had it good in a while, why is this?

It is because of the people taking charge of the economy. Presently, the Dollar is a bit stable, but by April or May you will see that it will begin to fluctuate again and the Naira will be devalued again. Foodstuffs will be scarce. I am seeing a hard economy. This is not the best of time. The government of Buhari cannot make it happen. All of these will happen and that is why I said that they should correct their mistakes and seek the face of God before the second term because there is danger ahead, there is red signal ahead of the second term.


Buhari as a president can’t do anything about the economy because he is weak as a leader. Apart from the people who have hijacked the government, something is wrong somewhere and that is why Buhari is not getting it.


What is the future of the states, which can’t pay salaries?

The economy is not good, workers are not being paid, and some states will collapse economically. Their governors are not the kind of people we want in government. If you cannot pay the salary of your workers, then resign. We need very proactive people to rule the country. The people I listed are those God can use. Forget about the present situation.


How can we salvage the situation?

It is either we go for restructuring or we breakup.


Are you an advocate of restructuring?

I am not an advocate. I am a Prophet. I am talking as a Prophet. I am talking as God said it. I am talking as God has revealed it.


There have been people who have agitated for restructuring including Nnadi Kanu, what do you have to say about this?

Nnamdi Kanu went about it in a wrong way. Nnamdi Kanu cannot actualise Biafra. One million Nnamdi Kanu can’t do it. There will be another leader. I have said it. I am also using the opportunity to say that the Buhari Government should release Dasuki and El-Zakzaky. Let them be released because all of this is fighting against Buhari’s government, all of this is fighting against him. He doesn’t understand. Most of the battle is more spiritual. If care is not taken, he might not be stable. Buhari must be careful if he goes for a second time, so that Villa will not suck anyone’s blood.


Last year, there were a lot of protests in the country; will there be more this year?

There will be trouble in the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA). More money will be stolen in NNPC, while more frauds will be revealed. If the Group Managing Director (GMD) of NNPC is not careful, he will be removed. I see protest; I see unrest, let’s pray against explosion, pipeline explosion, and fire. Let’s pray against flood that may kill people. The herdsmen problem in Nigeria is not yet over. Terrorism has comes to stay in Nigeria. If we think that it is over, we are deceiving ourselves. Do you think that Boko Haram is over? It’s still there, there are people behind all of these, but they are not being brought to book.


Would you want to mention any name?

If God reveals any name to me and says I should say it I will.


How has your annual thanksgiving being thus far?

It started early this month and we have been taking care of widows. It is in collaboration with my special thanksgiving. People see my birthday February 14, as a birthday celebration, but it is a day I give appreciation to God. We take care of over a hundred underprivileged, we give out cars worth over two million Naira, we provide accommodation for the underprivileged, we empower people from the community who are widows and widowers. We also support the Police and the traffic wardens. We pay a visit to Road Safety and we support up-and-coming churches.


What other plans do you have for your church?


We are moving to our permanent site where we have acquired about two acres soon. There will be different things there including schools, ICT Centre and a lot of things. This place is small for us.


You are known for giving to the less privileged, is there a reason for this?

There are a lot of powerful pastors who are givers. It is not easy to be a giver. To be a giver is not easy, it cost you a lot. There is no time for rest financially. You will just be spending money. I love giving, I will always give. I would rather give out my last penny than say no. I have sold my car because of giving. And once you are a giver, you can never be alone no matter the circumstance.


What do you think of flamboyant Pastors who fly in private jets and hardly give?


I am not interested. That is their life. I would rather give.


How do you manage with these responsibilities?

Every month, my budget is bigger than that of some Local Government. Every December, we give more than 8,000 people rice and chicken, they know. That is why I am appealing to Governor Ambode to reduce his bag of rice from 12,000 to 2,000.


Is it realistic?

Why not, what if he declares five hundred billion Naira. He can do it. He can say its primate again, but I am being factual. That alone will be a blessing to his second term bid.




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