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Bracket Slams Nigerian DJs***Tags them killers of songs



Bracket 4

Bracket might have just started a new controversy involving Nigerian Disc Jockey.

The singing duo of Obumneme Ali a.k.a. “Smash” and Nwachukwu Ozioko a.k.a. “Vast” have accused DJ of being afraid to play new music.

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Speaking during an interview with, Bracket said back in the years the DJs always come up with new music. If a new song is blowing they come up with another one from a new artiste and before you know it they start liking that act. But right now, if the song gets big they will kill the song and when the song is dead they go onto the next one.  DJs of today, when you go to the club today you already know their playlist. people can say after “Pana” this is the song that is coming. The next week they repeat it again. So, i think what happens is that some of the DJs are afraid to play new music and our songs don’t last for two or three months. P-Square’s “Do Me” lasted a year on rotation, “African Queen” also did the same thing. But now things have changed. Do you agree with Bracket?

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Bracket is popular for a handful of songs including “Yoriyori”, “Panya” featuring Tekno and “Girl” featuring Wizkid.

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