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Black Sheep Story About Fashola



In his days as Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola was considered a very revered man.
Besides been a jolly good fellow, a lot of people admired him for his foresight and how he took Lagos state from the ‘wilderness to the promise land.’
His idea of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) among others became a model for several African countries and indeed a lot of states in Nigeria.
For this reason, Fashola was the man many wanted to associate with.
Those days are however gone, as in recent times the man has turned a lone ranger with all sorts of aspersion being cast on him.
Unlike before when he would be a guest of at a party and many would find their way to the event, his followers have since drastically reduced.
Only recently, Fashola launched three books – ‘The Great Leap,’ a book written by Mr. Hakeem Bello, ‘In Bold Prints: Thoughts of Babatunde Fashola’ and ‘Lagos Blow Down: West Africa’s First Controlled Demolition.’
While the event would have typically attracted the eggheads in his political party, All Progressive Congress (APC), had he been in office. Very few recognised personalities graced the event.
This has made a lot of people asking if Fashola is now a black sheep.



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