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Bishop David Oyedepo Makes Shocking Revelation In Testimony




Bishop David Oyedepo has told a story of how a man embalmed for 24 hours came back to life and how a child who died from a kidney disease came back to life with new kidneys.

According to him, these things happened after the relation of the people involved saw him in a vision,

Sharing the testimony with his church members, Oyedepo said a man who visited a mortuary where his brother was kept and embalmed, proclaimed that the “God of Oyedepo” is in the room. The cleric claimed that after the proclamation, the man’s dead brother sneezed and came back to life.

Oyedepo also narrated how the 12-year-old sister of one of the students of Covenant University which he founded, died from a kidney disease.

He claimed that after the student’s father saw him (Oyedepo) in a vision telling him to go and get his daughter from the mortuary, he asked for the corpse to be released and laid her on the bed she used to sleep on before she died.

Oyedepo claimed that on the third day, the girl came back to life with a loud shout and also with “brand new kidneys”.

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