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Banter: Bobrisky’s PA Releases New Video Detailing How He Injured Her




The bashing being suffered by Bobrisky in the hands of her former Personal Assistant (PA) Kyme Oye will not end soon.

This is as Oye continues to call out the crossdresser on social media.

Recall that Bobrisky and Oye who is an Ivorian fell out after she had his face tattooed on her thighs and didn’t get the benefits Bobrisky had promised her.

The latest onslaught from Oye surfaced in a video posted on her Instagram page. In the video, she alleged that Bobrisky assaulted her while she worked for him. She shared photos of what looked like a bloodstain on her right ear, claiming it was as a result of Bobrisky hitting her with a speaker.




However, reacting to the allegation, Bobrisky shared a counter video on Saturday, May 8, asking Oye to share photos or videos showing the injury she sustained to back up her claims that he hit her with a speaker.

In the latest video posted in the early hours of Sunday, May 9, Kyme claimed she sustained injuries inside her ear and that was where the said blood was coming from. She added that Bobrisky immediately sent someone to get her drugs after noticing she was bleeding.

Kyme also claimed that while she served as Bobrisky’s PA, she used to help him shave the hair on his chest, wear him his fake butt and also his diapers.

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