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Alhaja Ramotu Adufe Bakare Goes Home



Monarchs and eggheads from all works of life gathered on Tuesday, April 12, to bid Alhaja Ramotu Adufe Bakare, a final farewell.
The deceased, Bakare was the mother of the current head of the Onikoyi family.
She died on Tuesday, April 5, at the age of 102 and was buried amid fanfare.
Alhaja Bakare’s burial ceremony had all the pecks of a classy party, as an assortment of food, drinks, vintage wine and brandy were made available to guests in attendance.
Typical of social event of such class, the party attracted jaw dropping and eye popping autos, as guests in attendance sought to outdo each other.
The Onikoyi Royal Family is one of the most notable royal families in Lagos State.
Torn by conflicts over their lands, the families united to give one of their own a befitting burial ceremony.

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