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Aguma’s Attack on Amaechi, Oshiomhole: Rants of a Frustrated, Drowning Man – Eze





…..Describes Action as Most Unfortunate, Despicable, Uncouth, Misguided and Ridiculous

…Exposes Why Aguma in Cohort with Others Want To Destroy APC

….Counsels Those Seeking Reconciliation with Such Character To Have A Rethink

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-South, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has bewailed over comments credited to Igochukwu Aguma, in an interview session with Daniel Abia of Independent Newspapers in a bid to justify his reckless and jaundiced scheming against the Rivers State All Progressives Congress.

In a statement made available to media houses,  Eze said Hon. Igochukwu Aguma, at the glare of the reading and listening public, tried hard but failed to impress Nigerians on the rationale behind his anti-party moves, especially, the very unfortunate stoppage of Congresses scheduled by the national leadership of our great party, to elect people into offices for the smooth running of party affairs.

Describing the action and unwarranted attack against Amaechi and Oshiomhole the National Chairman of APC as most unfortunate, despicable, misguided, ridiculous, uncouth, and absurd, the party chief said, Aguma has turned out to be an “unfortunate development”.

Excerpts from the interview quoted Aguma as throwing the following rhetorics: “Who was Amaechi? Did he know how the decision to make Odili governor came about? Who was he? Igochukwu Aguma continued – “…I did not hear his name politically as at that time. That is the truth. He was never in reckoning at all. He did not even win that election on the ballot….”

Chief Eze, a former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), wondered how Mr. Aguma, who own his political life to Rt. Hon. Dd  Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who forced him on the Peter Odili’s administration as a Commissioner in place of  his elder brother, Chinwe Aguma, earlier pencilled down as a Commissioner nominee and thereafter, saw to his nomination and election as a two-time member of the Federal House of Representatives, could question the position of Amaechi in the politics of Rivers State. If Amaechi was nobody and Aguma was that powerful, how come he became the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly for eight years during the administration of Dr. Odili as Governor.

Eze reiterated that Aguma Igo by this statement has not only betrayed Amaechi and entire Rivers State people by trying in vain to rewrite the political history of Rivers State but betrayed his father who was a decent political leader.

Chief Eze said,  Igochukwu Aguma made his stack ignorance and naivety public when his memory capacity failed him to remember that Amaechi was a well known nationally acknowledged Student Union leader and was with Dr. Odili even  before he Dr Odili became the Governor of Rivers State. It is sad that it is the likes of Aguma that makes people to believe that politics in Nigeria is dirty.

To demonstrate his lack of decency, when he emphasised that the meeting of January 19, 2020, convened at his own behest, alongside few others, was not factional. It became obvious that the dud has very little or no knowledge of the meaning of the phrase “faction”. “I encourage him to be a bit more friendly with his dictionary”, Eze counseled.

“What could be more defining of ‘faction’ than  obtaining a court order against scheduled party activities and holding meetings to plan and implement further damaging actions on the party one claims to be a member? This fellow has constituted himself into a  nuisance within the fold”, the party stalwart posited.

Frowning at the hasty injunction obtained by Aguma, stopping the party Congresses, Eze said,  “One would have loved to see a situation where Igochukwu Aguma utilised the internal dispute resolution mechanism within the party to ventilate his perceived, real or imaginary grievances before reaching out to the court for an injunction. This would have been a more pragmatic approach towards problems management”.

Igochukwu Aguma hastily rebuffed the obvious fact that he rode to power on Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi’s back. “While I will not join words with him on this, it would have been proper for him to go a bit further to explain to the interviewer and Nigerians how came about his appointment as commissioner during the administration of Dr. Peter Odili to justify his rebuff. Nigerians may also be interested to know how he managed to emerge as a member of the House of Representatives without Dr. Chibuike Amaechi. Maybe he needs some dose of etimizol, a memory stimulant drug, to revive his memory to recount past events.

Responding to Aguma’s self acclaimed major stakeholder in the Rivers APC, whose relevance and inputs in key decisions cannot be unmind, the party chief said,  “I want to make it categorically clear without fear of equivocation, that Igochukwu Aguma is not a better stakeholder than the ward chairmen and unit leaders in Ibaa and Ogbum-Nu-Abali in Emolga and Phalga respectively. He is not more a serious and committed member of the APC than the poor widow in Buguma, who defiled the harsh weather, working for the success of the party in her unit.”

Aguma’s swipe at the Minister of Transportation and the National Chairman of the APC is uncouth, misguided and a pointer to his drowned relevance. It also goes to show that  he may be under command,  having benefitted from the largesse of a dishonestly benevolent character, whose poor approach to governance since 2015 has left the people of Rivers State in squalor

Chief Eze said, he strongly perceive that Igochukwu Aguma has been conscripted into a scary action adventure, a clandestine scheme with the intendment of effecting a confidential purpose by secret artifice; he must be working for a hidden agendum.

“While I encourage dialogue as an option to settle all scores, I fear that Igochukwu Aguma, may turnout to be a dangerous spy, an intelligencer for an unknown glorified local champion, in the pursuit of a selfish private vendetta. If not, I challenge him to recant all actions lodged in the court against the party, and come back to dialogue. But the fact remains that peace and dialogue are not among the agenda of Aguma and his cohorts so those advocating peace or reconciliation with such characters doesn’t understand their agenda and plots

Eze exposes the game plan of Aguma and his sponsors stating that not minding what Aguma has gained through Amaechi decided to join forces to ruin Amaechi and his political camp to enable him to actualize the vision of Wike to install Rt. Hon. Austin Opara another great son of Ikwerre erstwhile Deputy Speaker of the Federal House as the next Governor of Rivers State so that the Ikwerre will govern Rivers State for 24 years through Amaechi, Wike and Opara to the detriment of other tribes of the State. This is the game plan just because Amaechi wants the Riverine section of the State to take over the Brick House; that is why Wike and his gang are hell-bent that he must be destroyed.

Eze stressed that betrayals and strife will end when people begin to see politics and integrity as synonymous. I sue for peace but not the graveyard peace stewed in dishonesty.



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