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Birthday Felicitations: Eze Celebrates O.O. Emeji, Amaechi’s Finest and Dependable Disciple



These days for you to be politically relevant in the politics of Rivers State, you must be seen as one of those joining Governor Nyesom Wike to disparage Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the immediate past Minister of Transportation particularly if he Amaechi has played any key role in your political life and ambition.

In my study of the politics of Rivers State including her key actors, Hon. Ordinance Odinakachi Emeji has not only distinguished himself but have separated himself from the likes of those who feel that by betraying or insulting Amaechi that their lives will take a more positive change.

Few days ago this young man celebrated his birthday and to the Glory of God I wish to join his thousands of associates, brothers and sisters to celebrate this unsung and unassmuing personality who will surely play a key role in shaping the political future of this great State and Nigeria at large

At this juncture, I plead to be permitted to throw a little light about why this man’s style of politics dwarfs that of his colleagues. In this regard, I will bring in two political Authorities so far the politics of Rivers State is concerned: Lady Oby Ndukwe the woman they call FBI of Africa and one Sunny Dimkpa to help me out to expose this unsung fellow whose impact in the politics of Rivers State can’t be overemphasized

According to Lady Oby Ndukwe while discussing the 15th Anniversary one of the landmark, epochal and historical event of Nigeria politics the 25th October, 2007 Supreme court restoration of Amaechi’s MANADATE to govern Rivers State,, she postulated,

“Let those claiming to love and own the man Amaechi read and receive sense. Ordinance Emeji as a student would visit my office in Diobu to seek to publish articles in The Beam weekly tabloid. I would oblige without asking him to pay. At some point, he was like a member of my staff.

In Abuja, I used to send him recharge cards to resell at a lower price in exchange for money to feed and transport himself. He had no accommodation so he used to go to Churches to join their vigil, in other to pray and find a space to sleep and bathe. This is the Rivers Youth who deserves to be promoted. He’ll no! Sycophants have been elevated above those who have been consistent and committed.”

Okay, I agree with you that this Lady of the Pen was unable to convince you, no problem permit me then to bring  Hon. Sunny Andy Dimkpa to intervene.

According to Hon. Dimkpa in an article he titled, “DO YOU STILL REMEMBER THAT LANDMARK SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT 0F OCTOBER 25TH, 2007? He wrote and I quote,

“In retrospect, it is 15 solid years today that the apex court of the land declared Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, as the duly elected governor of Rivers State.

It was an unusual landmark declaration that evoked mixed emotions. A triumph over injustice that changed the political and infrastructural landscape of Rivers State.

Today, 15 years after, so much have equally changed. Statuses, addresses and nomenclatures of principal actors have been altered. Even loyalty has switched.

Nevertheless, there is just one Rivers youth amongst several other gallant lieutenants whom I have chosen to dedicate this 15th anniversary to. This one sacrificed so much of his time, money and personal comfort on the road to that laudable victory.

Ordinance Emeji, is that Rivers youth who slept in Christ Embassy Church, Kubwa in Abuja, for want of accommodation during the legal tussle. At some point he was labeled a wanderer and another time, a lunatic by critics for tirelessly circulating Amaechi’s campaign posters even after the assumption of office of Mr. Celestine Omehia as Rivers governor in 2007.

It was he (Emeji) whom other “generals” called for an on the spot assessment of court proceedings. He was never absent in any sitting and soon became the “court usher” who ensured our people sat in strategic positions for their personal comfort and security.

As if that was not enough, Comrade Ordinance Ordinakachi Emeji made an unsung history when he undertook the onerous task of conveying the certified and true copy of the judgement to Port Harcourt from Abuja, to hand over to Amaechi’s legal team in continuation of his Governorship Tribunal cases; others still basked in the euphoria of victory and many more, lobbying and jostling for juicy political portfolios in the Amaechi Government.

Trust and Loyalty are his other names. To date, he breathes, eats and still dreams Amaechi!

Not stupendously empowered by that administration but yet still very committed, consistent and completely sold out to the Amaechi cause, Ordinance is a definition of rabid apostleship and one to lean on whenever in despair.

As I look back to this historic date in history, I salute the resilience, doggedness, forthrightness, equanimity, humility and loyalty he displayed and still displaying without fuss.

Thank you so much, today and always, for the lessons you have left behind on that slippery path to victory in 2007, my beloved brother and friend, Ordinance Emeji.”

Even while I was crying while writing this remembering all those who have benefitted through appointments and contracts because of this judgement who to them Amaechi is the most evil man in Nigeria that must be destroyed and killed while this young man and some of his colleagues are yet to be appreciated and celebrated that is why I was weeping

This notwithstanding, Hon. EMEJI has not given up on Amaechi, recently he sent this text to me, “Chief Eze, I completely agree with Rev. Fawehinmi  sir. I have told a lot of people several times that CRA is not an ordinary person. Those who look down on him don’t know how God’s super natural powers and grace are with him.Yes Sir!

Rt. Hon.Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s grace is a powerful grace  from Heaven.”

His Appreciation:

This short message may be brief,*  but it is filled with gratitude to say thank you for the birthday wishes.

Your words meant a lot and went a long way in making my birthday even more special than I ever could have hoped it would be.Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to celebrate with me. God bless you all” Ordinance Odinakachi Emeji

My friends and associates, please join me and celebrate this future of Rivers State politics whose impact at the national level will be highly celebrated in the next few years all things being equal

Happy birthday Hon. EMEJI my dear friend and brother!

May God not only bless your new age but grant you more fruitful years ahead to enable you enjoy your efforts and inputs towards this struggle.

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