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Afolabi Akindele Is No Longer Our Land Attorney-Efunroye Tinubu Family



The family of Efunroye Tinubu have revealed that Afolabi Akindele is no longer their land attorney.

Independent Newspapers, report that Hakeem Osuolale, the new representative of the Efunroye Tinubu family on all land matters stated that the many atrocities of the attorney saw the family parting ways with him.

According to Osuolale, Akindele was once the family’s land attorney, but they parted  ways following several atrocities he committed.


Explaining what transpired between them, Osuolale said “we have revoked him as our land attorney for a long time. He is not supposed to use our family name for anything, but he continues to use it. All the houses that he demolished, the people he chased out of their houses, all of these things are criminal offenses; he has to pay for them.  We decided to report his abuse of our family name to the police before he tarnished it.”

Speaking further, Osuolale said “we revoked him after he collected N640 Million on our behalf and didn’t remit the money to the family. It was at that point that we sacked him. When we asked him to stop using our family name for his atrocities and he didn’t stop, we wrote a petition to Zone 3.  We don’t want him to use our family name anymore. The case is currently in the police station and we intend to follow it to the end, even to the court,” he said.

Asked if the family had thought about informing members of the public of the fact that Akindele was no longer working for them, Osuolale said “we thought about that a long time ago and that was why we did a publication to that effect, to warn the public about his person, and the need for them to know that he is working on his own and not for us,” he concluded.


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