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When I stumbled on the posters of Ayo Akinrinsola for a gubernatorial candidate of APC, I told a friend that wonders shall never end. My friend then asked me why. I said this man is not even qualified to be a Councilor based on his profile…  Ayo graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) about a decade and a half ago with 3rd Class Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

After ten (10) years of attempts at several centre in several states, he couldn’t pass ICAN. No wonder the reverend tertiary institution like OAU issued him “let my people go” degree. Except for his one (1) year NYSC, he had no working experience till today.  He was roaming the streets of Lagos as a Caretaker Agent attached to an Estate Agent at Suite A40 Greenland Shopping Complex, Iju Road, Agege and living on commission from rents of shops and rooms & parlours.

Mercy came his way when he met one gentleman called, Mr Adegbite who introduced him to Logistics & Warehousing business in year 2008. Things began to get better for him and Ayo bought his first car. Like the biblical Judas Iscariot, he betrayed all his benefactors. He started by opening a parallel account of the company (Aklek Logistics) acct # 8200578110 at GTbank, Ogba with the aim of diverting the company’s money  by forging the second signatory. The company original account was opened at FBN Plc, acct # 2030006088 Oke Odo, Agege branch. He was caught and he apologized for the betrayal.


A Leopard cannot change its spots. Ayo secretly registered a new company called Spids Logistics Limited to perfect his plan and secured a warehousing lease for Guinness Nigeria Plc on #4 WEMPCO Road, Ogba. He collected payment from Guinness and gave the Warehouse Owner (Mr Bolo) bounced cheques running into Millions of Naira.

Ayo was declared wanted and was finally caught after several months in hiding. He was interrogated and detained by Police Detectives of Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Anti Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos for several months. He was later let off the hook when his senior brother intervened. This senior brother of his provided him, his wife & daughter accommodation when he was jobless for over ten (10) years in his flat at Haruna, Off College road, Ogba. But unfortunately, his senior brother is now Ayo’s number one enemy.

Ayo had used the company’s name and goodwill to fraudulently acquire contracts of worth N5 Billion, which he is now using to pursue his governorship ambition. Thank God there is no more impunity in the present administration of PMB, therefore, he will soon be made to refund the proceeds from all contracts (Guinness Nig. Plc…from 2011 to date) illegally acquired through the court process. Above facts are just a tip of the iceberg and I implore the APC  Screening Committee for 2016 Governorship Primary to thoroughly investigate this fraudster, 419ner and a betrayer in order not to have a LOOTER in Ondo State Government House.

The ALUKOs in his Campaign Organization will sooner or later find themselves naked in the market place.  What we people of Ondo State are yearning for is CHANGE, not a fraud in Alagbaka House who will be diverting State fund into his private account. Shine your eyes; like Ekiti State – “Won ti fi igbin bo olosa lowo, oku baba eni ti o bo”. Ayo is already bragging around that he has already secured the support of Baba Akande, Asiwaju Tinubu & Chief Akinyelure for the ticket. Knowing the calibers of these Leaders, I know Ayo is a pathological liar. Ayo joined APC six (6) months ago, but don’t be surprised when he starts telling stories that he brought these Leaders into the Party.

He also told his followers that his Prophets have seen the revelations that he is going to be the next Governor of Ondo State. May God forbid bad thing, Amen.   Thanks.

Akin Omo Akin

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