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About The Vindication Of Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde



Primate Ayodele


Vindication does not come from man, it comes from God, and when it involves a true clergy, it comes fast.

Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde, founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church is one man who is aware of this.

In the wake of a recent distraction in which he was criticised for his prophecies, the man of God who has celebrated the fulfilment of over 10,000 prophecies kept his cool, stating that he has no control over his prophecies, as they are revealed to him by God.

He also maintained that prophecies are foretold to warn those involved before the situation gets out of hand, adding that a negative incident can be averted with prayers.

Amidst Primate Ayodele’s justification for his prophecies, the man of God recently found vindication when just days after being criticised by Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, more of his prophecies came to pass.

The man of God had prophesied about disastrous flooding in Germany, attacks in South Africa, Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri resigning, and Pedro Castillo being declared the new President of Peru.

All of the prophecies came to pass within the space of days. Also, his prophecies in Africa have also continued to come to pass including his warning to the interim President of Mali, Assimi Goita in which he urged him to pray against attacks while also watching his movement because of rebels in the country.

As warned, Goita was recently attacked with a knife at a mosque where he went to pray, but he was quickly rescued from his attacker.

With his prophecies coming to pass daily, it is safe to say that Primate Ayodele has found vindication.







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