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Abdulrahman Bashir Revels In New Business



Abdulrahman Bashir

“The glory is not in never falling, but rising every time you fall.”

This Chinese proverb details to a large extent past events in the life of Abdulrahman Bashir, Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas Group.

Once regarded as one of the leading oil and gas trading companies in Nigeria, the firm at some point faced a lot of challenges.

At an all-time low, the CEO of the company was jailed in the United Kingdom with Justice Butcher of England and Wales High Court sentencing the oil mogul to 10 months in jail.

All of these however happened years back, as Bashir has quietly returned to town, managing his business.

The positive talking point among his associates who know is how he has now found a new frontier, as he is set to bounce back in a new industry, having gotten fresh funds to venture into large scale milling of rice.

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