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Wizkid Wants To Kill Me-Music Producer





Wizkid’s producer, Northboi, has accused the musician of threatening him with a gun.

Northboi who produced Wizkid’s single titled ‘Joro’ revealed that he released the beat of the song under duress, having had a gun pointed at his head.

Northboi also added that it was not the first time that Wizkid would be threatening him with a gun, as the same happened when they worked together on a collaboration that featured Damian Marley.

The beatmaker who is also responsible for the beat of Wizkid’s hit song titled ‘Soco’ alleged that Wizkid doesn’t sign contracts, but rather prefers using a gun threat to get the music out.

“He even threatened me with a gun one time for asking for the contract of Joro,” Northboi tweeted when asked why he released the beat for the song without a contract.”

Kill Me

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