• Nigeria’s foremost civil society group, Campaign for Democracy (CD), has again stated that it will not be bought into money politics or permit the politicization group.

    The North-Central Chairman of the group, Moses Adedeji, in a press statement indicated that the group is not a partisan organization and efforts to do so will be robustly resisted. “We must do everything to uphold the integrity and respectability of the Campaign for Democracy.”

    While making reference to its recently expelled General Secretary Goodluck Obi, the group stated “We will not allow this group be turned into a partisan political platform to be used to spin money from corrupt politicians.”

    “To allow it to continue is to eternally sacrifice the vision and achievement of the organization as well as abusing the supreme sacrifices made by many Nigerians during Democratic struggle in Nigeria. To allow it to continue is to assault the memory of such patriots.” Moses Adedeji added.