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Though an Owerri High Court Judge, Justice F.1. Duruoha Igwe quashed the case of murder of one Franklyn Okoli preferred against him and wife and set them free from prison custody on Monday April 27, 2015, Citizen Samuelson Ikenna Iwuoha, has once more cried out over renewed attempt to kill him. The Social crusader, political activist and former media aide to the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly who engaged his boss on a battle of wits, claimed that the fear of being exposed for a number of atrocities was responsible for Governor Okorocha allegedly directing the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ben Uwajumogu, to kill him.

This he said was Okorocha’s response to the petition he submitted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), against the frauds that he alleged, were perpetrated by Uwajumogu while still under his services as Media Assistant. The enraged Governor Okorocha who he said was frightened that the spillover of any EFCC investigation against Uwajumogu would literarily expose the rot that accompanied the several road and sundry contracts executed by the state government, had therefore according to Samuelson Iwuoha, convinced Ben Uwajumogu on the need to eliminate him, so as to force others who may want to attempt to rubbish the state government, to go into hiding.

Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha then listed other aides of the Governor, his Deputy and Speaker who were subsequently killed in what he termed were “state sponsored manners” simply because they were accessories to information that could destroy the reputation or credibility of the government. They include; Emma Adoba, SA (Admin) to Speaker, Mr. Chidi – Protocol Asst., Kingsley Nkemka SA (Admin), Enugu born Police Orderly late Chinedu, all of them aides of Chief Ben Uwajumogu.

Others were Emenike Ihekwoaba, Chioma Ogoke and Laz Anyanwu, who was the abducted permanent secretary, ALGON Chairperson, and Chief Protocol Officer in the office of Sir Jude Agbaso respectively. As far as Samuelson Iwuoha is concerned, the cause of the rift between Okorocha and Agbaso is yet to be unveiled. It certainly has nothing to do with contract awards or embezzlement of a gratification of #485 million.

The recently released Iwuoha who was accused of murder and detained both at the state CID and Owerri Central prisons for a period of 11 months also disclosed that the aim of those who masterminded his ordeal was to put him out of circulation before the 2015 general elections for fear that he is privy to such information that could .have exposed the treachery and myriads of impunities perpetrated at the corridors of power. According to him, those who accused him of murder were the ones who sent some of their hireling-cultists to kill him in his house at Ikenegbu extension, Owerri where he runs a drinking bar and a provision store for his wife.

Unfortunately for the assailants, they missed their target but since they were already instructed not to come back unless they succeed in killing Samuelson Iwuoha, they opened fire on innocent customers, shooting sporadically and at random. The panic forced the customers some of who sustained gunshots wounds to run helter-skelter for safety of their dear lives. In the milieu, some of the victims who were very desperate to escape alive, ran into his living rooms leaving traces of blood from the gunshots they sustained in the fracas while one of them Franklyn Okoli was so unlucky to have died instantly, some meters away from the premises.

But despite the results of the laboratory analysis and tests of the blood stains which were said to be different from that of the deceased, the state government according to Samuelson Iwuoha, went ahead to press charges of murder against him. It was the trail of blood stains all over the places including the bedrooms of the accused persons that the authorities of Imo State government who invited the Police to the scene latched on, to implicate him as having conspired to commit murder. Pleading his ignorance and innocence of the act, Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha narrated how he forced the police to analyze the blood stains which suggested that he had no remote or immediate role in the murder of Franklyn Okoli on the 3rd of June 2014, the day his long journey together with spouse, to prison custody began.

Insisting that after the police was satisfied that he was not guilty as charged nor had accessory to the cause of the assassination and resolved to release him for want of evidence, it took the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Chief Ben Uwajumogu through an informant, a deputy commissioner of police, Mr. David Folawiyo at the State CID to compel the authorities of Imo State government to vehemently object and rather opted to press for murder charges against him and his loving wife. He then wondered why Uwajumogu should be the one to invite the police to his house in the first instance if he was not privy to the 5 boys, all cultists, who invaded his Ikenegbu extension abode to kill him and escaped after they had missed their target.

He was worried also that even though he was unaware and away from home when the incident took place, the police who claimed to have acted on a tip-off, despite arresting 17 others who were present, insisted on waiting for and arresting him and the spouse. He further accused the Imo State government of rejecting the order of the Inspector-General of Police to transfer his case file to Abuja by claiming that the incident only took place in Owerri and used some of its orderlies led by the governor’s ADC, Mr. Chims Eberendu to invade the Police Headquarters to retrieve his case file and changed the keys to his cell, just to forestall the case been transferred to Force Headquarters Abuja where the truth of the matter and the assailants would have been forced to spill the beans on who their sponsors are.

Even with his case quashed last Monday April 27th 2015 by Hon. Justice Irene Duruoha Igwe of High Court 4, Owerri Judicial division, for want of evidence following several police reports and analysis that exonerated him from accusations of murder, agents of the state government, he disclosed have continued to trail him. For instance several Staff of Imo State Government House according to his statements have deliberately continued to throng his Ikenegbu extension residence to keep surveillance on his visitors while others have tenaciously warned him against criticizing the government if he loves his life.

The visits made him and his family uncomfortable and fearful. This renewed threat to his continued existence has further frightened him especially when he recalls that but for God, he would have been killed like other political aides of the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly such as Emmanuel Adoba who was the S.A. Administration, but who was murdered on the 1st of August 2012, Mr. Chidl, a Protocol Assistant to Speaker Uwajumogu who was killed in September 2012, Enugu state born police orderly to the Speaker who was allegedly poisoned to death at Umuihi Ihitte/Uboma LGA home town of the Speaker for speaking against some atrocities. Others are Kingsley Nkemka, S.A. Administration, to the Speaker who was killed on the 9th of September 2014, and of course Mrs. Chioma Ogoke who was poisoned with a drink in the House of Imo ex-Commissioner, now member-elect for Okigwe South Federal Constituency, Deacon Chike Okafor.

Lady Ogoke was killed because she refused to refute the publications (written by Comrade Kenneth Uwadi, Samuelson’s right hand man) exposing how governor Okorocha loots local government allocations in the state, as directed by the state governor. She was also accused of visiting Citizen Samuelson at the police where he was being detained last year.

Samuelson Iwuoha further called on Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha to immediately explain the secret behind the missing Principal Secretary to Sir Jude Agbaso who according to the then Commissioner of Police, Mr. Bolanta “would soon be released”, a statement he allegedly made after an assurance from Okorocha that he was aware of the whereabouts but who has continued to remain mysteriously missing. It was probably on the basis of the non-release of Ihekwoaba that Laz Anyanwu, Chief Protocol Officer to Jude Agbaso, and others who probably were privy to the abduction of Ihekwoaba were killed if only to ensure that will seal the secrets forever, averred Citizen Samuelson Iwuoha.

Moreover, on the 6th of June 2014, Jude Ejiogu, Chief of Staff to the Governor, Donatus Ejifugha and others like Barr. Okey Okorocha, S.A. on Security to the Governor, had stormed the State CID to effect the release of Samuelson Iwuoha and wife believing that since it was revealed in a security meeting that was convened under emergency in the absence of Okorocha, 48hrs after the incident, that Speaker Ben Uwajumogu was the one who informed the police about the incident at Citizen Iwuoha’s residence, they needed to do that to save the government from further embarrassment.

But though the bail bond was according to Iwuoha successfully signed, Uwajumogu again allegedly got wind of it through DCP Folawiyo and alerted Governor Okorocha who he said once again advised the then Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali not to effect the release. Instead, in order to stave, the threat from Force Headquarters, the duo of Samuelson and his wife were consequently dragged to the Owerri High court on charges of murder and conspiracy during the course of which they were detained at the central prisons, awaiting trial.

Citizen Samuelson accused Governor Okorocha of encouraging Ben Uwajumogu to kill him in response to the petition he wrote to EFCC against Ben Uwajumogu, his Chief of Staff Kodichi Anamekwe and his mother Monica, described as the Chief ghost worker in the office of the Speaker”. “The Governor ordered the Speaker to kill me so that the allegations cannot be investigated because doing so will expose him. On returning from government lodge where the instruction was given, Uwajumogu consulted with some of his friends like Chief Emeka Ibe, Onwa Mbano who later confided in me, in his house”, he uttered.

Tracing the background of the episode, Iwuoha argued that decision to kill him instigated the cult war in Owerri, with 5 boys who are members of the fraternities charged to kill him, and that the reasons for frustrating this transfer of his case to Abuja as requested by the Inspector-General (IG) of Police was to stop him from exposing the links between the cult boys on killing spree in Imo state, and the authorities at government House. He added that even though the names and identities of the killer cult boys are well known to the police, SSS, etc. no attempt has so far been made to prosecute them. He suspects that one of the culprits, a distant cousin of Okorocha is son to Chief. H. Izuogu
-News Break magazine


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