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Why Police Can’t Investigate Pant Stealing Cases



Frank Mba, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Police has revealed that the police can not investigate the increasing cases of stolen pant.

MBA stated this while speaking on a television programme.

The police also buttressed his points with extracts of the interview on its Twitter handled.

According to him, “Discussions on Get-Rich-quick and ritual practices on @NTAMN. We don’t investigate divination and morality except when they constitute criminal offence. Apart from factors like unemployment etc What we have on home videos, TV programmes and messages being sent out.

“stealing underwear for whatsoever reason is a recent phenomenon, before now, we had cases of ritual killings but we can’t investigate things that are not empirically verifiable, except when there is a convergence of the act like cases of murder or an attempt or related cases.”

In recent times, the trend of stealing underwear and pant for ritual money has been very common in the south west.

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