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Why Nigerian Men Are In High Demand For Romantic Relationship-Adiaha Edidem



Adiaha Edidem

A Nigerian Twitter user; Adiaha Edidem has disclosed that Nigerian men are in high demand abroad.

According to her; females abroad want Nigerian men for romantic relationships; such that female Nigerians are sometimes forgotten.

Sharing her experience from living abroad, Edidem said only a man from Pakistan asked her out while she was abroad.

According to Edidem  whose handle is @Lucile_Kris, Nigerian men are in high demand outside the country that ”sometimes their female counterparts are forgotten.”

She tweeted:


“No one asked me out when I was in the abroad well except from this Pakistani and we know why. Nigerian men are in high demand outside the country, sometimes the female counterpart gets forgotten. So what do you do, start moving with white chics for you to be noticed.”


Nigerian men are in high demand abroad - Twitter user

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