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Why May Edochie’s Divorce Case Was Stalled



Yul Edochie

The reason behind the stalling of May and Yul Edochie’s divorce case has been revealed.

Recall that May had filed for divorce after her husband and father of her children, Yul announced that he had welcomed a son with another actress, Judy Austin.

The divorce proceeding was supposed to continue today, Wednesday, May 8, however, it could not as Yul’s lawyer did not appear.

Citing his ill health, the lawyer had earlier written to the court that he would not appear.

In an update posted on social media by May’s legal counsel, he wrote:


“Trial could not go ahead today as scheduled because two days ago, Yul Edochie’s and Judy Austin’s lawyer wrote a letter to the court stating that he was unwell and stating that he would not be present in court today as a result thereof. He proposed a number of dates in the future as an alternative and requested the court to indulge him. Usually, the court would give a lawyer the benefit of doubts in such a situation. May’s lawyers would not like to question the integrity of the opponent directly, even though the excuse was a tendentious occurrence.

“Today in court, Mr. Yul Edochie was present, but without his counsel, he court could nor hear any substantive matter. A new date has been set in June. We are all concerned about delays and protraction of this case. But we remain confident that justice will be done in due course by this court. As you know, several issues are involved: from the activities of the parties in the social media, to the welfare of the children, to the issues of marital properties, safety of May, and the final status of the marriage itself.

“As we have done in the past, we urge all well-wishers and supporters to be patient. The legal process is very intricate and the best approach has to be meticulous and painstaking. Despite our concerns about delays, we are confident that May is fine and will remain so. There should be no cause for worries at this point. We also urge you to resist the temptation to believe things you read in the blogs. Most of the blogs have no idea what is going on, but will go to every extent to suggest otherwise. Thank you.”

May and Yul


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