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Why I Didn’t Go Public With FFK’s Erectile Dysfunction Problem-Precious Chikwendu




Precious Chikwendu, the ex-wife of former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has revealed details of her custody ordeal.

The mother of four in a video she shared on Instagram, alleged that she experienced domestic violence while still with the former minister.

See also revealed that while she didn’t go public with FFK’s alleged erectile dysfunction claim during the six years they were together, she understands that court documents are available to the public after being filed.

Insisting that she has not been drama-bound, the former beauty queen stated that she wouldn’t have said anything to the public if her partner wasn’t desperate to see her behind bars with alleged false criminal charges he filed against her and her sister.

Chikwendu also pointed out that she had been silent since 2nd August, 2020, when she left FFK and only started speaking up after a year because people started taking her silence as “guilt” and also because her kids might ask why she didn’t defend herself.

One of the criminal charges according to her, was allegedly filed by former minister and BBNaija’s Jackie B’s mother, Senator Grace Bent, who had reported to the police that Precious planned to assassinate her,

She added that while she knows that children should not be kept away from their father, they shouldn’t also be kept away from their mother and she wouldn’t be alive and see her children ”live like orphans.”

Chikwendu who revealed that she only sees her kids in videos parents of their schoolmates make, disclosed that she has appealed to FFK to allow his lawyers sit with hers so they can reach an agreement on “rotation of access” to their kids. She claimed that the former Minister refused this, but instead wants to “exert power over her and drag her back to the cage she escaped from.

On claim of being insane, the former beauty queen said she has taken psychiatric evaluation in Nigeria and abroad and is currently waiting for the former minister to bring that up again.

Admitting mistake of not speaking up about the former minister and how some of his romantic affairs played out, Chikwendu stated that she decided to give him a clean slate to prove himself and now regrets it.


Wondering why FFK would deny her access to her kids while his mother was allowed to raise him in spite of the drama with his own father, she also disclosed that other women who had kids for FFK’s father were allowed to raise them even though the former minister wouldn’t acknowledge them.


She went on to plead with women who know what it feels like to sleep without their kids, to join her in the fight. Chikwendu also revealed that her prayer is not to raise ”monsters or men” who will continue same pattern of thinking they can get away with anything they do to women.


The mother of four concluded by saying there should be respect and decorum in any relationship and she hopes her sons will imbibe that.

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