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Why Fidelity Bank-Sponsored Ile-Ife Fiesta Was Postponed- Project Director; Ayo George





The Fidelity Bank-sponsored Ile-Ife Fiesta has been re-arranged and repackaged., learnt the Fiesta was re-arranged and repackaged to give all VIPs and attendees the best of what Ile-Ife has to offer.

The event was to hold during the Easter break, but it had to be postponed to ensure that all “T”s of the event were crossed while the “I” dotted.

Project Director; Ayo George, explains the reasons for the postponement thus “Ile-Ife has been designated as a tourism zone by His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, OJAJA II, Ooni of Ife, and we felt this Fiesta would be the first major event after that declaration, so we went back to the drawing board to re-plan the event to a bigger one. We met His Imperial Majesty thereafter to intimate him of our decision and he simply gave his blessings for us to go ahead. The Fidelity Bank sponsored concert will now hold on Thursday, May 28, at the Palace of the Ooni of Ife. OJAJA II also gave a written endorsement so no one would think all this is a joke” George Said. “Ile-Ife Fiesta is one of many projects coming up in Ile-Ife as we have discussed with His Imperial Majesty, so we need to make this a mega success.

The concert is expected to open up Ile-Ife to the world. It is for the world to know we have a King and a city in southwestern Nigeria that are open to massive partnerships from both Local Direct Investments and Foreign Direct Investments, and we are using tourism as a vehicle to make that happen”, Ayo George concluded.


About Fidelity Bank Plc

In 2011, the bank was ranked the 7th most capitalized bank in Nigeria, the 25th most capitalized bank on the African continent and the 567th most capitalized bank in the world. As of December 2013, Fidelity Bank Plc. was a large financial services provider in Nigeria with total assets estimated at over US$6.318 billion (NGN:1+ trillion), and shareholders’ equity in excess of US$1 billion (NGN:158 billion). At that time, the bank served 2.3 million customers at about 220 branches nationally.

Fidelity Bank Plc began operations in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited. By 1990, it had distinguished itself as the fastest growing merchant bank in the country. It converted to a commercial bank in 1999, following the issuance of a commercial banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator. That same year the bank rebranded to Fidelity Bank Plc. It became a universal bank in February 2001, with a license to offer the entire spectrum of commercial, consumer, corporate and investment banking services.

The current enlarged Fidelity Bank is the result of the merger with the former FSB International Bank Plc and Manny Bank Plc (under the Fidelity brand name) in December 2005. Fidelity Bank is today ranked amongst the top 10 in the Nigerian banking industry, with presence in all the 36 States as well as major cities and commercial centers of Nigeria. Fidelity continues to rank among Nigeria’s most capitalized banks, with tier-one capital of nearly USD1 billion (One Billion US Dollars).










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