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Who Is King Of The Street?




For a while, Olamide has worn the crown as King of the street.


With some of his songs including ‘Wo’, the indigenous rapper has been able to hold on to the street keeping his fans almost addicted.


However, he is not the only one who has fans from the street, as other artistes such as Small Doctor, Reminisce and even Oritsefemi have teeming fans leading to the question of who should be king of the street?


Some people will argue that Small Doctor is presently more popular on the street than Olamide and should be accorded the title. For him, his songs include hits ‘Penalty’ and ‘Uzobu’. Others are, ‘This   Year’, ‘Forever’, ‘Sobotone’ and several others. Aside the fact that like many other artistes, Small Doctor sings the praise of individuals of questionable characters including alleged advance fee fraudsters popular as ‘Yahoo Boys’ his songs are also not free of vulgar lyrics.


With Olamide going commercial as evident in songs such as ‘Eyan’ ‘Mayweather’, ‘Inferiority Complex’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Wavy Level’, ‘Love No Go Die’, and more recently ‘Science Student’ lovers of musicians who have risen from the slums have confirmed the need to seek a new King.


Some music pundits will confirm the viability of Oritsefemi via some of his works including ‘Mr Gomina’, while other insist that Reminisce should be elevated from his official title of ‘Alaga’ to that of King of street.


Though like Small Doctor, Oritsefemi’s music also contains vulgar lyrics same can be said of the duo of Olamide and Reminisce, as their music are considered in some quarter as negative influence to youths.


For Reminisce, however, there is an advantage, as the rapper is known for his word play. Lyrics of Reminisce’s song might contain vulgar content, but the artiste is often forgiven by his fans for his ability to douse them by playing on the words such that only mature minds can decipher what he is really saying. A typical example is the lyrics of one of his latest song titled, ‘Problem’. While the song contains vulgar languages, hardly would they be picked out except by someone deliberately seeking them out. With the listed acts still popular on the street, who should be the new King of street?




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