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Whither Corporate Tigress, Mary Akpobome?




The corporate world is not known for forgetting illustrious achievers overnight.

Ask Jim Ovia, founder Zenith Bank Plc and he would attest to this position. Even the former Chairman of the then Etisalat, Hakeem Bello Osagie, would agree with this position.

However, when a corporate player’s influence is momentary, time always passes such individual by, and fast too.

This analogy describes onetime corporate tigress Mary Akpobome. In her days as one of the top dogs in the financial institutions where she last worked, Akpobome, was a god of sort, as she called the shots regarding almost everything.

Big boys bowed to her, as the law was simple: you submit or you are shown the way out. With her principles, Akpobome, kept her subjects inline albeit autocratically until she fell off reckoning in a reshuffling that took place at the bank.

Out of the corporate world, the woman took solace in the glitz and glamour of movie premieres and other celebrity events for a while before getting bored.

These days, she is hardly seen, as she seems to have gone recluse. Indeed, there was a corporate tigress.


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